Emilie Morley’s culinary journey transcends cities, cultures, and cuisines, sewing a rich tapestry from Minneapolis to Paris and finally, anchoring in Orlando in 1990.

Embarking on her food industry voyage at 20, Emilie began her career at Universal Orlando, swiftly climbing the culinary ladder to secure her first management position at the renowned Emeril’s Tchoup Chop. Her knack for leadership and unbridled passion for the culinary arts didn’t go unnoticed, serendipitously intertwining her path with Lee Kaleel, the eventual founder of the beloved downtown Orlando restaurant Artisan’s Table. After dedicating over a year to Artisan’s Table, Emilie further expanded her expertise at Citrus before joining the dynamic team at Kres alongside colleague Heidi Skehan-Calabria.

In Emilie’s own words, “Kres is unparalleled. Just today, I overheard colleagues confessing a genuine miss for work even when they’re at home. It’s a sentiment I’ve rarely, if ever, heard in the service industry.”
Her tenure at Kres, marked by a curious spirit, saw Emilie absorbing all facets of the business, from the pantry station in the kitchen to orchestrating the expo line, ensuring seamless culinary creations.

Reflecting on an early childhood memory, Emilie recalls a stark warning from her father against joining the restaurant industry. She believes that witnessing the cohesive, family-oriented team at Kres today would undoubtedly have altered his perspective, demonstrating that internally, the ethos and practices at Kres diverge significantly from traditional restaurant norms.

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