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Holiday Gift From The Best Steakhouse In Orlando

Kres Chophouse, Best Steakhouse Orlando The holiday season is upon us and to some, it can be one of the most frightening times of the year. Coming up with a gift for friends and family is a task that daunts people time after time. Wondering if they will like the gift, is it the right […]

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Table for 1 please

Table for 1 please For many of us, trying new things is a way of empowering ourselves into pushing our minds and bodies past what we know as normal thresholds. For others, doing what seems to be unsettling to some, is just a normal part of life. Take, for example, going to see a movie […]

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Kres Chophouse | Inside Look JFK

What being a Server means to me? I distinctly remember the first time I applied to be a server in a restaurant. This restaurant had a great location with a strong local clientele and was always busy. I had eaten there many times and always liked the “flair” that the servers and bartenders had. They […]

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