Born under the sun-soaked skies of Orlando, Florida, Alissa Gallon’s journey is one rich in cultural diversity and culinary passion. An exquisite blend of American and Jamaican roots, Alissa is a testament to the transformative power of tradition and a love for cuisine.

Alissa’s fascination with the kitchen began as a young girl, her eyes wide with wonder as she observed her mother’s culinary magic. It was these early, cherished memories that laid the groundwork for her burgeoning passion for Caribbean and soul food, a nod to her familial roots and childhood experiences. 

Alissa has been a cornerstone of the Kres team for over four years now, a testament to her dedication and determination. Starting from humble beginnings in the kitchen, she has meticulously honed her craft, working alongside the esteemed Chef Brenden and Mary. Her hard work and culinary prowess saw her rise through the ranks to become the sous chef, a role she commands with grace and expertise.

It was during the tumultuous times of COVID that Alissa’s resilience truly shone through. As the world around us struggled, Alissa fondly remembers how the Kres team solidified into an unbreakable unit, banding together to weather the storm. This is a testament to the culture at Kres – we’re not just a team but a family, supporting each other through thick and thin.

An unforgettable highlight for Alissa was the employee party, a night of memories and laughter. With everyone dressed to impress, they indulged in games and sang their hearts out at karaoke.

At Kres, we’re more than a team – we’re a family. And Alissa is an invaluable part of that family. Her culinary passion, dedication, and team spirit are the heart and soul of what makes us Kres. We’re proud to have her on our team and look forward to the culinary masterpieces she’ll continue to craft!



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