Jorge Duprey is a testament to the blend of cultural heritage and adaptable service. With his start in the Orlando culinary scene back in ‘94 and his Puerto Rican lineage, Jorge adds a personal touch to every interaction at Kres.

His culinary roots were started in a local barbecue spot, but the family recipes and the lure of his great aunt’s Puerto Rican cookbook truly shaped his palate. Jorge’s passion for cooking remains a staple at home, but his calling at Kres evolved beyond the kitchen.

From Grills to Grapes
Seeking to broaden his horizons, Jorge ventured to California to learn about wine and live the experience. Returning to Kres, he poured this newfound knowledge into his role, enhancing guest experiences with genuine insights into every glass.

What makes Kres unique for Jorge is its ability to marry structure with the flexibility that life sometimes demands. This quality has allowed him to thrive as a server and even as a manager in the past without losing sight of the family values that are close to his heart.

Balancing Roles with Heart
Now, as a full-time server and a father homeschooling his daughter, Jorge appreciates Kres for the balance it brings to his life. His story at Kres isn’t just about his roles; it’s about infusing his heritage into his service and finding a workplace that respects the familial duties that shape his world.
Jorge’s journey at Kres, enriched with Puerto Rican flavors, California wines, and the spirit of hospitality, creates a narrative that’s as rich and inviting as the meals he loves to share.

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