Mariela “L.A.” Fonseca known to Kres Chophouse as Chef Mari is of Nicaraguan decent. Chef Mari is mostly self taught but learned a trick or two from family members that have had the opportunity to tour Europe with their culinary ability.

Chef Mari’s favorite dish to prepare is The Seafood Misto. “It’s a clean dish that has so much depth. We cut local fresh fish and use the body for the stock to make the sauce for the misto. It’s light with citrus tones and you get a hint of saffron. It’s flavorful and refreshing. Like a cio pinno but butter. So many components. Something you can’t really get anywhere.”

Chef Mari has been a member of the Kres Family since late 2013. “I enjoy working here. This place has come a long way culinary wise and we have a great team that’s almost like a perfect storm…My Kres culinary team is built up of talented hard working individuals who are here for the same purpose. They work really hard and really care about what they do. They are all hand picked to be here and we all have the same focus…The front of house staff is just as great. The service has to be on point just as much as the food. That’s what makes us stand out. Everyone is important. And the owners and managers really treats us right. That’s hard to find.

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