From Ft Pierce to Orlando, Michael Andre’s journey in the culinary world is nothing short of inspiring. Embracing Orlando as his true home, Michael’s adventure with us at Kres started nine incredible years ago, a story rich in dedication, growth, and the magic of cooking.

Michael is a testament to the power of hard work and a deep-rooted passion for the culinary arts. His initial role at Kres was as a dishwasher, a humble beginning that quickly transformed through his unwavering dedication and eagerness to learn. It wasn’t long before he ascended to the role of opening line cook, an achievement he holds in high regard due to the meticulous attention to detail and exceptional standards his fellow culinary teammates upheld at Kres.

In the bustling environment of Kres’ kitchen, Michael found a mentor in the esteemed Chef Mary Fonseca. Her guidance proved invaluable as she shared the intricate processes of butchering, grilling, and sautéing, among other culinary techniques. Michael absorbed this wealth of knowledge, shaping him into the skilled cook he is today. His journey under Chef Mary’s wing is a chapter of his story filled with gratitude and profound professional growth.

Tracing his passion for cooking back to his childhood, Michael reminisces about the hours spent in the kitchen, enchanted by his mother’s delicious meals. These precious moments were the initial sparks that ignited his culinary journey, instilling a love for cooking that would guide his path for years to come. Today, he credits his mom for not only teaching him the basics of cooking but also for lighting the fire of passion and drive within him.

Having experienced various kitchens throughout his career, Michael holds the Kres team in high regard, noting the unparalleled level of pride, passion, and attention to detail that permeates the atmosphere. The daily ritual of the family meal stands out to him, as it’s a time when each member of the team gets to showcase their unique cooking style and share stories that resonate with their culinary experiences.

One standout memory for Michael was an adventurous paintball trip with the staff. It was a day that took them out of the kitchen and into a different kind of battlefield, highlighting the strong communication and support that exists among the team members. Michael realized that the connection they share goes beyond the kitchen—it’s a bond forged through shared experiences and a mutual love for what they do.

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