Born in Puerto Rico, Mike moved to Central Florida before his first birthday, growing up in Altamonte Springs and then Longwood. This blend of Caribbean roots and Floridian upbringing has subtly shaped his personality and perspectives, though his passion for diverse international cuisines truly defines his culinary preferences.

Mike’s venture into the hospitality world began at 16, working in a retirement home. This was the start of a journey that would see him grow through various roles in the industry. From his college days at Steak and Shake to a significant tenure at Chili’s, and later at Citrus Restaurant, each experience honed his skills and prepared him for his pivotal role at Kres.

At Kres, Mike’s relationship with leaders Heidi and Dave transcends the typical employer-employee dynamic. It started in 2007, evolving into a deep, personal bond that underscores his belief in the strength of a work family, a theme central to his career.

The COVID-19 pandemic stands out as a defining moment in Mike’s career at Kres. The challenges it presented – staffing shortages, supply issues, and high-stress levels – only strengthened the team’s bond. For Mike, navigating through these hurdles alongside his team was a period of immense professional pride and personal growth.

In his current role, Mike takes immense pride in bartending, valuing the opportunity to meet new people and turn them into regulars and, eventually, friends. His ability to create lasting relationships isn’t just a professional attribute but a source of personal joy. His charismatic energy infuses the guest experience, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued.

For Mike, Kres is more than a workplace; it’s a community where staff and regulars form a unique, familial bond. The familiar faces and friendships forged within the restaurant’s walls bring him a sense of home and belonging, an essence he extends to everyone who steps into Kres.

Mike Heinzman’s story at Kres is not just about the roles he’s played; it’s about the cultural richness he brings, the passion for hospitality he embodies, and the deep connections he forges. 

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